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Hey guys, just needed to say a big sorry!

It seems as if the privacy settings are too high and you can’t read the digital storybooks I linked to.  I can’t get it fixed until our next class, unless you students want to change your own privacy settings to public instead of private.  I know we did it in class, but I don’t think you clicked ‘save changes’ after you changed your privacy settings to ‘public’!  Oops!


Desert People

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This week in SOSE we created some digital content about a fictional tribe discovered in central Australia.  Most students chose to create their story using storybird. I thought I’d share a couple of the great ones!

This is Caleb’s story.

This is Leah’s story.

Digital Storybooks on Everest

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We’ve been creating digital storybooks using Storybird about climbing Mount Everest.  The stories could be either fictional or non-fictional.  Here are a few examples of the wonderful work that was produced!

This is Sheldon’s story.

This is Anthony’s story.

This is Caleb’s story.

This is Hayley’s story.



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We are currently writing digital story books on about climbing Mount Everest.

A select few will be posted here for your perusal.

If you’re interested in reading my (Miss Orrin’s) test story (not about Mount Everest), HERE it is.


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Welcome to the Good Shepherd College year 8 SOSE blog.

This is a place where we can share what we’ve been learning and creating!

Recently we sent postcards all over the world using Post Crossing and we’re looking forward to receiving some in return.  We also video Skype called an American family living in rural Tajikistan.  We will be sharing with you various projects and creations throughout the rest of the year.